What’s Happening?

Well What is Happening???

This Web Page is what is Happening

I have set this up this Web Site, to be a used as a portal for the spreading of information and for the downloading of music. Keep on Coming Back and see how things keep evolving.

But you do want to listen… Don’t You?? You Do!!!

Here is the latest to come out of the studio, my latest composition… Between A Rock And A Hard Place, this is the 2016 version. This composition was written quite a long time ago and it was decided to modernise it..

Between A Rock And A Hard Place (2016)


The Technician aka Theo Starr is a one man band, making music in his own studio and self publishing on the Internet.

If you are into those Artists who are Singer Songwriters, who does not give a rat’s arse about genre or style, along with the “pidgeon holes” and superlatives that comes with trying to stay true to a genre or style.


The Technician aka Theo Starr is for you.

Feel Free to Browse and Enjoy Music from someone who isn’t is fashioned by style.

Keep On Rocking On

Theo – The Technician